Restaurants on the Wharf

Like the Fisherman's Wharf in Toronto, there are plenty of quality restaurants in hull that offer tasty fish and seafood dishes. Here are a few places to check out when visiting the marina.

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1. Holiday Inn Bar Lounge

Whether you are looking for a satisfying meal to start your day or perhaps a light dinner to cap it off, the Hull Marina Bar Lounge inside the Holiday Inn Hotel has got what you need. Sit by the bar's patio and enjoy a spectacular view of the nearby marina alone, with your family or friends.

Seafood choices include Salt Pepper Squid for starters, Fisherman's Pot for sharing with friends, the classic Fish Chips and grilled Salmon Steak as the main dish. With plates starting at 4.25, this establishment's array of dishes provides good value for money.

2. Papa's Fish Chips

Papa's is a popular fish and chips restaurant that has opened its second branch in Hull. This award-winning diner has been serving fish and chips since 1966. In 2016, on its 50th anniversary, Papa's made the headlines by serving over 3,000 customers with their signature dish. To celebrate this momentous occasion, customers were allowed to order a serving of fish and chips at 50p, the same price as when they opened their first joint half a century back.

Although it is well-known for its fried seafood dish, Papa's also offers a selection of vegetarian and gluten-free dishes.

3. Bait Fish Grill Restaurant

For a full course meal, check out the Bait Fish Grill Restaurant. Located on Princess Avenue, the diner features a wide variety of seafood dishes including Cod Wrapped in Pancetta, Bait Fish Pie and King Prawn Laska. Sample an assortment of local delicacies with the Bait Cold Seafood Platter. You can also indulge in a serving of locally-sourced lobster that comes complete with chips and a side of salad.

Fancy going for a Japanese meal right now? The Bait Fish Grill also offers an array of sushi dishes such as the Tekka Hosomaki, Ebi and Nigiri. If you are unsure of what to pick, go for the Chef's Sushi Selection Platter and get a taste of the restaurant's wide selection of sushi for the day.

4. Cerutti's Restaurant

Another enduring family establishment is Ceruttis. Established in 1974, this seafood restaurant takes pride in using traditional cooking techniques. The Hull branch is built on what is now known as the old pier. Patrons eating at this diner get to enjoy a majestic view of the docks and the River Humber.

The restaurant's extensive menu features a variety of locally-sourced seafood such as whitebait, halibut, bass, plaice, haddock, scallops and king prawns. Try a bit of everything with the Cold Seafood Platter. An order of the platter includes pieces of salmon, prawns, herring and crab with salad on the side.

Remember to check out their blackboard to see their daily specials. Main course prices start at 13.

When visiting the marina around Hull, be sure to check out these fine seafood restaurants. If you are feeling adventurous, take a stroll around the area and perhaps you'll uncover a gem for foodies that has not been listed here.